There are many gifted individuals that are so disillusioned by the very industry they love that they give up on their dream. We help you find and joyfully engage in your gifts/talents.


An extraordinary sister & friend where she actually helped me , get out my fear of singing different stuff, & help go to the next level of signing. To add, she is a faithful friend. I testify peeps, u wont regret working with her! If u really want to sang not only sing, she is the best! My 2nd single is coming, & it’s all because i learned from her , by the grace of god .

~ Eleazar Emanuel Horrach | Pastor and Music Artist

I have had the privilege of singing with this phenomenal, anointed and beautiful soul. She is multi talented and she is more than capable to help anyone become an effective and skillful singer.

~ Latonya Riley | Recording Artist & Actress

Working with Letra when we were at my church she was always professional, always on point with her vocals and when she led the choir it was always very good. With great direction and leadership she would make sure everyone was led well!

~ Ron Wesley | Audio Director

I can’t express how much I admire this woman! She took the time to teach me and a group of vocalists. She taught us parts, vocal exercises, and showed us true leadership. She is is an excellent teacher and has an amazing voice! I am so honored for all the times we worshiped together.

~ Lauren Acevedo | United City Worship Vocalist

“I have had the privilege to sing as well as to see Letra in action and I must say she is a firecracker but for the right reasons. She oozes excellence and is not afraid to give corrections and direction! Letra is the truth!”

~ Dominique Dminq Robbins/ Recording Artist

“I was so very blessed to spend over a year working with Letra and her team. Having been the sound engineer for the previous leader it was a joy to not only watch the individual members grow in their craft, but the way her joy and fervor changed the group and its affect on the congregation!!
This is one special woman y’all …. You best dive in!!!!”

~ Robbie Repola | Creative Producer

“I invite everyone to sign up! Letra Davis is a talent and a jewel! You will be enriched, inspired and challenged to reach your next level potential! As a worship leader she inspired me and I have even adopted some of her methods that have helped me, even 10 years later!”

~ Aaron Rios | Pastor & Recording Artist