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LeLe’s Chronicles

LeLe’s Chronicles is an Inspirational Arm of Letra Davis where life lessons are explored bringing encouragement and enlightenment.

Takes Two

Even the best relationships can be better. This strengths-based approach called Takes Two that will help your relationship become easier, happier, and more fun

Working with Ms. Davis has been outstanding. She helped us clearly identify the goals and
critical paths to achieving positive outcomes of our projects. Her approach to work can be
described as relentless excellence, which contributed to showcasing our services to our
customers. Her skill at communicating expectations, outlining objectives and goals with clarity,
tactfulness and convincing confidence has been a rare asset to iKatalyst Group.
She has proven over and over again that her commitment to hard work and successful goal
achievement is a mark attributable to her strong integrity and an exemplary character. This
has strategically positioned us to be competitive in our industry.

Samuél Brobbey Jr.
President/CEOPresident/CEO, iKatalyst Group, USA,