Company overview

LeLe’s Consulting Solutions began with the determination and tenacity necessary to overcome adversity. Embodying the spirit of a champion, our firm possesses the purpose and the tools to guide its clients into personal and professional success. 

We also affirm the uniqueness of individuals and enjoy sharing in our clients’ journeys of discovery.

The origin of LeLe’s Consulting Solution’s drive began with eight-year old Letra as she watched the iconic movie “Rocky.” The main character, Rocky Balboa, is a boxer with little prospects, no support from family or friends, yet he continues to nurture a glimmer of hope that someday something within himself will be greater than his circumstances. And so he sets out to achieve what many doubt possible.

And the impossible turns into reality. 

Rocky became the “Stallion” against all odds. How? Because of love. Love from his wife, Adrian, and tough love from his corner man and trainer, Mickey. Love fed Rocky’s spirit. He cultivated the inner hope that his specialized knowledge and developing belief in his own strengths would lead him to victory.

Letra’s inspiration did not stop with just the movie. The writer of “Rocky,” actor and politician Sylvester Stallone, moved Letra’s heart in a very real way. When Stallone wrote his script, he did not have the right connections or networks in Hollywood. He had no formal screenwriting credits. He was never a leading man in any previous films. Yet, despite a severe speech impediment, his own inner resolve strengthened him and he refused to allow the “entertainment powers that be” to dictate his story. Although he lacked experience, he insisted that only he could play the character of Rocky Balboa. 

And he won the role he chose to fight for.

Letra’s respect for Stallone’s tenaciousness increased even more when she discovered that, while the storyline is entrenched in the world of boxing, Stallone maintains that the movie was never about the sport. He remains adamant that “Rocky” is a love story. 

Love. The most incredible force in the universe.

Letra’s own personal struggles with being discounted and undervalued created her passion to learn to embrace her own unique strengths and talents. With this mindset guiding her lifestyle, she has sung for the President of the United States as well as multiple dignitaries across America. She is a State Champion and National Contestant Forensics (Original Oratory) poet, recording artist, producer, screenwriter, play director, choir master, author, and entrepreneur.

She dedicates her life to the care, enrichment, and advancement of people by being in their corner.

She believes that every person she has ever encountered has purpose and deserves to be loved. By understanding one’s own strengths and how one thrives, the path to love can be successfully paved.

This credo is the backbone of LeLe’s Consulting Solutions.

LeLe’s Consulting Solutions continues to grow daily thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We span across multiple industries such as financial, energy, business services, consumer products, NGO, entertainment  and more.

Working with Ms. Davis has been outstanding. She helped us clearly identify the goals and
critical paths to achieving positive outcomes of our projects. Her approach to work can be
described as relentless excellence, which contributed to showcasing our services to our
customers. Her skill at communicating expectations, outlining objectives and goals with clarity,
tactfulness and convincing confidence has been a rare asset to iKatalyst Group.
She has proven over and over again that her commitment to hard work and successful goal
achievement is a mark attributable to her strong integrity and an exemplary character. This
has strategically positioned us to be competitive in our industry.

Samuél Brobbey Jr.
President/CEOPresident/CEO, iKatalyst Group, USA,

Our mission

Our personalized consulting programs will allow you to:

  • Work more efficiently — and increase productivity
  • Attract and retain quality, high-performing employees
  • Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time
  • Hone sharp leadership skills to manage your team
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Cultivate a synergy within your business/organization, so you can confidently allow your employees to flourish.

How we work