Testimonials 1

Working with Ms. Davis has been outstanding. She helped us clearly identify the goals and
critical paths to achieving positive outcomes of our projects. Her approach to work can be
described as relentless excellence, which contributed to showcasing our services to our
customers. Her skill at communicating expectations, outlining objectives and goals with clarity,
tactfulness and convincing confidence has been a rare asset to iKatalyst Group.
She has proven over and over again that her commitment to hard work and successful goal
achievement is a mark attributable to her strong integrity and an exemplary character. This
has strategically positioned us to be competitive in our industry.

Samuél Brobbey Jr.
President/CEOPresident/CEO, iKatalyst Group, USA, www.ikatalystgroup.com

Working with Letra was a delight. She is one of the highest skilled communicators I have ever worked with. Letra can relay exactly what was expected of all parties and patiently followed through the difficult tasks. Regardless of the situation or transaction Letra will be able to handle both with finesse and grace.
I have seen Letra working at different levels and with every different kind of people and she has a strong gift to make everyone feel heard and understood. Her attention to detail is impressive.
I feel honored to have been able to work alongside this incredible woman. She puts her heart into everything she does and always does it with excellence.

Dory Rodriguez Joseph
Broker/OwnerBroker/Owner, DRJ Real Estate, LLC Florida/USA, www.DRJRealEstate.com

Teams are only strong and effective when they truly understand their teammates and everyone on the team knows their precise role in the mission. Our team at The Supply Scout had no idea how we were uniquely wired. Letra helped us discover who we are and who we are not. This revelation allowed our team to accept each other’s strengths and showed us how to allocate specific tasks to our individual talents so we could master our processes and achieve the results we were attempting to accomplish. And it didn’t stop there. When you’re in Letra’s circle of influence you receive constant encouragement and prayers. Often we’ll be struggling with a project and out of the blue we receive an amazing text or video message from Letra reminding us that we’re being prayed for and success is right in front of our nose. Her sincere desire to build people up is in her DNA. She believes in me and our team more than we believe in ourselves oftentimes. She represents a firm foundation of strength and positivity like nobody I’ve ever known and I wouldn’t have taken the career risks I’ve taken if she hadn’t told me she believed in me & I could do it. Thanks Letra for always being there for all of us!

Tom Williams
Co-OwnerCo-Owner, The Supply Scout Florida, USA, www.TheSupplyScout.com

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